Office dogs at mika:timing

31. Aug 2023

They are among the most liked colleagues at mika:timing, despite being rarely seen in the front row nor attending meetings regularly. They have even been found sleeping in the office repeatedly. After all, they do a great “job” behaving this way. This is about Elli and Phoebe, our two office dogs, who regularly accompany Frauke and René.


They, of course, also frequently get into contact with other colleagues. Whether it’s a short cuddle break, a little treat, which has to be approved by the mistress or master of course, or simply a short walk during lunch break – these interactions between humans and animals are what several studies found to be helping employees to relax more easily and then be more focused when continuing to work.

For dog owners, having the opportunity to bring their pets to the office simply means gaining flexibility. “I can meet friends or keep appointments right after work, without having to pick up my dog somewhere else first”, René says. He can no longer imagine an office job without a dog, especially since he has only made positive experiences with this concept. “Being allowed to bring Phoebe to work definitely was one reason for me to apply for this job at mika:timing”, René tells in retrospect.

While Phoebe had already lived with René before he started working for mika:timing, Frauke started her career at mika:timing before she got Elli. “At that time, there were no office dogs at mika:timing. After I had first asked my colleagues for consent, Elli’s regular visits at the office were the basis for today’s rules and standards”, Frauke reports.

Concerns that dogs in the office might distract employees from their work very soon vanished into thin air. After all, there are distinct rules for office dogs. Besides a good breeding and general obedience, these rules also include that there has to be a specific retreat for every dog, where it is protected from the usual hustle and bustle in the office and where it mustn’t be disturbed by anyone. This way, we can also be considerate of colleagues, who are not looking for direct contact to dogs.

Your dog is looking for new colleagues or you want to experience this concept without having an own dog? Take a look at our job offers!


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