18. Feb 2022

In irregular sequence, we introduce people and their jobs at mika:timing and EST. We talk to them about moments of happiness, adrenaline rushes and important work tools. This time, we are celebrating Katharina Bernards' jubilee: 10 years at mika:timing! Katharina is giving interesting insights to one decade of working in our sales department.

10 years ago, it all started for you, Katharina. How did you get to mika:timing?
A friend of mine, whom I know from practising equitation, told me about mika:timing. I was working for an SAP system house in Karlsruhe at that time and wasn't actively looking for a new job. Still, the long way to work and to customer meetings was quite wearing, especially while raising to little kids. I was actually thinking about taking a sabbatical. The option mika:timing was a lucky chance. Starting with part-time work, this was the perfect opportunity to bring my job and my family life closer together. It also came with appealing challenges. A short way to work combined with flexible working hours and little travel time is simply perfect for me.

Did you know right away, that you would work for mika:timing for at least 10 years?
I always told myself to either go all in or not at all. By that time, I couldn't tell that it would become 10 years, but I was aiming for a long-term decision. To me that also means going through rough times together, like the covid-19 pandemic or the floodings we had last year.

What were your main tasks over the last 10 years?
My main task is to elate our customers for our services and thus to provide advice optimally. This often can be challenging, since every customer or rather every single events is unique and needs to be handled individually. My aim is to create a perfect event together with the customer.

What are your personal highlights from 10 years at mika:timing, that you like to reminisce about?
The first organizer of a marathon, whom I was able to enlist as a customer for mika:timing, will always be special to me, the more so as we are still servicing that customer to date. In general, it always feels good, when you're able to convince a customer of our wide range of products and services. Another highlight for me is the team spirit at mika:timing, which became apparent especially in the last years.

What was the biggest challenge for you so far?
Clearly that's the covid-19 pandemic. Many event organizers were pushed to their limits, while still trying to keep the participants in their focus. Developing new sustainable concepts was extremely challenging.

Is there something that you consider a new, interesting task for you for the next 10 years at mika:timing?
Developing new, exciting products together with our customers and then also deliver those products and services is always a very interesting challenge - whether it's for running, triathlon, cycling or other sports events of any size.

Your adrenaline gets pumping when...
...I'm receiving a call from an event on a weekend. And also, when there are lots of emails from the same organizer in my inbox on the Monday morning after the event.

The fun factor... of significant value and that's perfectly put into practice by the whole team.

The most important tool... the computer and the headset.

Greatest moment of happiness...
...actually every time a customer decides for a long-term cooperation with mika:timing.

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